Meet the members of Black Hills Blend

Al KeltsAl Kelts - tenor - Dr. Al is a retired child neurologist and sleep doctor (he took care of people with sleep problems). He has been singing in church choirs since age 8 or so. He also sang in college chorus at Ohio Wesleyan University as well as college quartets. After a hiatus of "several" years, he started singing barbershop again about 9 years ago. He has been in several different quartets, and has competed with the Timbre Tones and Draw Four quartets as well as the Shrine of Democracy Chorus. Al is currently the President of the Shrine of Democracy Chorus

Alan SchulteAlan Schulte - lead -

Pete AndersonPete Anderson - bass - Pete is the most experienced of all the members in the quartet. He has been in the Society for 39 years. He pays his bills as an insurance salesman in Rapid CIty. He also sang in choruses and smaller groups in high school and college. He sang tenor for most of his singing career, but now throws out that booming bass that sets the foundation in the quartet (how did he do that?!). Pete has competed with several quartets including Dakota West as well as with the Shrine of Democracy Chorus. Pete is a past-president of the Shrine of Democracy Chorus.

Wayne AndersonWayne Anderson - baritone - Wayne is retired from 25 years in the Air Force and about 13 years with United Airlines as a pilot (some say he spent too much time in the clouds). He sang in male and mixed choruses at Concordia College, and claims to know almost all the Kingston Trio and Brothers Four songs from smaller groups in college. He sang barbershop through most of the 70's, then got back in the B flat business about 7 years ago. He has competed with the Rushmore Four quartet as well as the Shrine of Democracy Chorus and is a past-president of the Shrine of Democracy Chorus.

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